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Great Deku Mead

Welcome back everyone. I am glad you have all enjoyed the blogs so far. In this one, we are going to dive into one of my favorite meads (and hated by my wife) the Great Deku Mead. As you may know from the previous blogs, this one exploded on me making a wonderful mess andContinue reading “Great Deku Mead”

How to Make a Recipe

Welcome back to another day in Hop, Brew, and Blog!  Today, we are going to be talking about making a recipe.  I will be giving tips on how to make a recipe from scratch or even just using another recipe as a base. Let’s dive in.  Since I started brewing, I have made about aContinue reading “How to Make a Recipe”


Hello and welcome back! Seems you like this since you made it this far so thanks for reading so far!  Today we are going to switch gears to a different brewing that I actually love to do. It is very simple, but one must have patience. We are going to talk about brewing mead. SoContinue reading “Mead”

Lawn Mower Beer

Welcome to the summer edition of this blog.  And with the sun up, that means we got to stay hydrated.  So today we are going to talk about lawn mower beers. And I know that some of you will read that and be like, “Gross, that stuff?  What are we, back in college?”  And thereContinue reading “Lawn Mower Beer”

Stout vs Porter

Hello and welcome back to today’s blog. We are going to compare similar beers and try to find the differences in them. I will do this a couple more times as there are beers that some think are pretty much the same. Some can’t tell the difference between a lager or a kolsch or aContinue reading “Stout vs Porter”


Hello everyone!  Thanks for reading and today’s post is going to be a change of pace. No history lessons here and a quick getaway from reality. I am going to tell you my “fun” stories of the whoops that I have made. Before you ask, yes I have enough to do a whole blog andContinue reading “Whoops”


Welcome back again to the Hop, Brew, and Blog. I am glad you are sticking around and learning with me. That is a great thing about the  home brewery community, it is a very helpful group. Everyone loves to listen and talk out how a beer can be brewed. We are going to take aContinue reading “Hops”

IPA: Good vs Evil

Welcome back! There was a slight delay in this as I was in the hospital having my appendix removed. Now I am better and ready to keep this going. So now, for today we talk about IPAs. We will talk a little history (not for too long) and a little about what makes it anContinue reading “IPA: Good vs Evil”

Bottle vs Keg

Welcome back! If you are reading this after the first blog, I must have done something right. The topic for today is another debate of how to brew…do you keg your beer or bottle it?  First thing first, what is the difference? In the end, you will carbonate your beer with either gas or primingContinue reading “Bottle vs Keg”

Grain vs. Extract

Hello and welcome to Hops, Brew, and Blog, where we will talk about the art of brewing. Brewing is a fun hobby that anyone can do. We will talk about everything from cloning beers you already love (and hopefully making them cheaper than buying), to experimenting with recipes no one has tried yet. We willContinue reading “Grain vs. Extract”